Saturday 29 December 2012

The glow

‘I dreamed that night, after so many desolate nights without dreams. I saw colours, red and black, life and death. They interpenetrated, they did not fight each other as I would have expected even in a dream.  They changed form continually, they continually produced new patterns, which could be unbelievably beautiful. They were like waters, like a sea. In the middle of the sea I saw a bright island, which I was approaching rapidly in my dream - for I was flying; yes, I was flying! What was there on the island? What kind of creature? A human being? An animal? It glowed the way only Aeneas glows at night. What joy. Then headlong fall, breeze, darkness, awakening.’ 

Wolf, Christa, 1984.  Conditions of a narrative. in Wolf, Christa, 1984. Cassandra: a novel and four essays.  Translated from the German by Jan van Heurck. London: Virago
p. 124